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Benjamin is a name from the Bible. It comes from Latin and Greek Beniamin and from Hebrew Benjamin which means "the son of the right hand, the son of the south", also "son of happiness, the beloved one". Ben means "son" and jamin "right hand, south". The meaning of "south" is preserved in the name of the state: Jemen. In the bible Benjamin was the youngest among 12 sons of Jacob and Rahela (Rachel). When giving birth and just before dying, his mother named him Benoni, "the son of my sorrow", but his father renamed him Benjamin. After the bible, this name is often used as "the youngest in the family or society". Benjamin also means "the beloved".


Hess is a name that is often associated with the famous nazi Rudolph Hess. Ben's father was in fact a German refugee, whose own father was sent to a concentration camp during Hitler's reign in Germany.